Who We Are, What We Do

The Condo Connection is a professional, Real Estate Brokerage Company specializing in a niche market of Condominium sales and leasing in the DC Metropolitan area. Since the year 2000, we’ve developed expertise and proficiency in every nuance of condominium sales and leasing, and we’ve become exceptionally good at it, consistently delivering a high caliber of competence and visible results to each of our clients in simple and complex real estate matters.

The TCC Story

I am an entrepreneur.  It is my DNA.  As a kid, long before I ever heard the word entrepreneur, I was starting little “businesses,” or at least creative ways to make money. And I did it all; sold cookies, cut grass, made and sold smoking pipes for tobacco out of acorns, made and sold skateboards, go-carts, slingshots and a long list of other things.  I grew up in public housing and we were poor. So, any additional money I made was like Christmas.

After high school, the ventures got a little more “sophisticated.” I started a DJ business, an airport shuttle and car service (pre Uber), sold my services as a mover, started a house painting service and created my first real company, Errand Boy Services; an errand and delivery service for busy people, which I used to help pay for university.

Around the year 2000 I had left Georgetown University after being employed there for 10 years. I started at Georgetown as temporary employee, and after many commendations and several upward transfers later, I ended my tenure there as the Business Manager for CCT, Communications, Culture and Technology in the Graduate School.  During those years, no matter how hard I tried at being content with salaried, full-time and relatively “safe” employment, my unsettled soul was on fire to be self-employed, and an entrepreneur.  Eventually, I left Georgetown University, collected unemployment and purchased my first condominium home all within a year.

I purchased my 1st condo from John Fitzgerald, a DC Real Estate Sales agent who at the time was with Long and Foster Realtors. “Fitz,” as he was affectionately called, was an incredibly visionary and driven agent, who had one niche; condominium sales, and development.  And he was good at it. He developed a real estate practice of partnering with investors to develop and sell brand new, spacious, amenity-packed condominiums at truly affordable price points. He changed the scope of DC real estate. Little did I know when we met that I would not just be purchasing my condo from him, but that the thirty minutes he spent getting to know me, talking with me, advising me, and challenging me during that open house would lead me to The Condo Connection.

On the advice of Fitz, I acquired my real estate license in 2001, and also sharing his vision of condominium sales, long before I met him, I too decided to create a niche of condominium sales and founded The Condo Connection.  After acquiring my DC real estate license, I conducted a lot of business with Fitz, introducing my clients to and selling a lot of his new condos. This must have made up about 70% + of my business at the time. 

About 3 years later, Fitz added his second, biggest contribution to my real estate career when told me that I needed to acquire my real estate broker’s license and expand the brand for The Condo Connection.  And that’s exactly what I did. Later Fitz comes back me and says, “well, don’t stop there, you need to get your Maryland and Virginia licenses.” And what do you do when you’re being advised by successful people, you listen, learn and do. And so I did.

Over the years, I grew The Condo Connection, hired employees and interns, honed my expertise in condominium sales, added investor sales, expertise in condo conversions, apartment leasing and property management. And we’ve continued to serve our clients with honor and strive to exceed their expectations.

I’m thankful for Fitz in many ways. He has made some indelible and sustaining contributions to my career and the birth of The Condo Connection, and in retrospect, did it in cameo appearances.  I am even more thankful to the countless buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, investors and developers who have placed a significant amount of trust in me and our company for over 19 years.  It has been an incredible journey, learning experience, and an honor having the opportunity to call so many of you my clients, and friends.

Over 19 years later, I continue to represent my clients with the same enthusiasm, interest and integrity that I had when I first started, always excited about the next client that I can help.

I remain deeply committed to helping my clients, new and existing, accomplish their real estate goals, acquire their independence and seek out a piece of the world that’s all theirs, and that they call home.

I look forward to our success as partners, and as friends.


Be well,

Ty Harris, Owner, Principal Broker

The Condo Connection